Why T2MC Chart



Why T2MC Chart


T2MC serves best to offer benefits to both, guests as well as owners. So, why not invest in the right technology at the right time!! Let the innovative technology penetrate into venues and the customers have the best services for a memorable dining experience. Click here to find out what some of our customers have to say for T2MC. Advantages of easy-to-use Android T2MC tablets:



  • Android T2MC tablets has led to a huge leap forward in functionality, wide choice of different tablets available from expensive ‘name brands’ to great value OEM versions.
  • There are several different screen sizes available for tablets, ranging from a pocket-sized 5 inches up to a larger 10 inches.
  • Low cost solution

You just select your template and theme, enter you menu items, choose a layout that suits you and upload any desired entry pictures, and the tablets at your restaurant are automatically updated.
The user-friendly touch screen Android T2MC tablet makes search and trouble-free ordering for customers, and enables restaurants to improve customer service and efficiency, while reducing labor and administration costs.

Setting up Android T2MC tablet is very easy & just a matter of few minutes. It is flexible & can be shared across multiple tables. So you need lesser number of T2MC tablets for your Restaurants. Android T2MC tablet is very economical & assures you quick ROI. 


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