POS Connectivity


POS connectivity

Point of Sale connectivity makes the information transfer quick and expandable, exhibiting multidirectional rendering without delay, thereby creating more business in less time. New technology in hospitality T2MC can help integrating with the POS systems and make the information transfer quick and expandable thus creating more business in less time. T2MC brings compatibility with the Point of Sale machines installed at your premises. It utilizes your POS system with an efficient connect with the Kitchen order Ticket (KOT), Back Office, Billing Counter and Social networking sites. With the dawn of loyalty programs and rigorous follow-up, inducing more repeat orders and luring customers of all age groups.

T2MC makes the usage of POS system more effective by automating even the scanning of barcodes, generating bills and integrating miniature activities in to the system.
This is possible because more orders/repeat orders can then be taken care of, sooner than you can imagine. Scalability of POS System Functionality
T2MC has brought this advancement in the Back-Office feature, through which placing of order signals other peripherals like Kitchen monitor & printer, Order Desk, Billing counter etc. The guest interface connected (wireless) with other elements of the automated process making manual operations almost null. Because of the small size of such an embedded system, several benefits come with this package:

  • Minimal space required for installation.
  • Efficient system due to reduced delays (manual operations are avoided).
  • Internet connectivity helps customer recommending your restaurant on social sites.
  • Reduced to and fro commotion at terminals like, kitchen, order desk etc.
  • Immediate response time as connectivity includes attendants with pagers (or other signalling device).

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