T2MC(Table Touch Menu Card)

T2MC is designed to support all kinds of trendy technology. Interactive restaurant menus works with android to offer the customized solution. So, customize your restaurant’s flare and increase your ROI with T2MC. Android tablets are one of the coolest ways to display ideas. Sleek, stylish and very handy, convenient and easy to use tablets are now available with the T2MC to be used on it. They are super portable, light and interactive touch screen display which makes viewing a pleasure.

 T2MC is the next evolutionary step for restaurants that are looking to increase customer awareness and loyalty, and offer their valued guests a modern and interactive way to order food as well as receive personalized and interactive service. We provide sleek and easy-to-use Android tablets that you can use to replace your outdated paper menus of yesteryear and provide guests with attractive electronic menus instead.

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T2MC is a proven investment in strengthening your brand identity and loyalty. Using networked touch screens installed at each table, with a touch on the screen the patrons can:

  • Visualize the menu with vivid pictures
  • Interact with customers at other tables
  • Get a detailed view of ingredients and calorie intake
  • View the bill and pay on T2MC through credit card/Debit Card/ Online Transfer / Cash
  • Access the on-screen ordering process
  • Enjoy interactive games
  • Ask for the steward on demand



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